Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roots of Our Economy Crisis

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Sometime ago, I am the 1st to said that our nation is no independance!!

It is because, the energy we used are too dependance on Petrolium, which is reliaing on foreign imports. The fosil fuel economy have bought us to the become the economic super power of the world,. However, it is also because of us too much dependance on the fosil fuel to fuel our economy have brought us to the present great economy crisis.

In my letters to our presidents' in the 90's & 2000's, I have mentioned that our Knowledge Base economy would have to be the locomotive of the our economy for the 22 century. The have & have not between the board of management's & the base workers/Knowledge workers are too far of the gap!!.

Quoting the number from the reports' that I read, the Executives income are over 1,100 times of the base workers. However, in the great depression in 1929, the gap is about 290 times.

In the early 2000's I have spent sometime in understanding the MLM & so call network marketing, from there I realized that , the MLM the compensation programme already take roots in today American corporate. That is the basic cause of today economy crisis.

Just think about, any individual with conscense would really want to screw up their credits, loose their home, loose their jobs, loose their business; be on the street & put their life at risk?? The research figure by Milken Institute also revealed that we American are more atleast 200 times more productive than the last downturn in the late 80's.

Looks , our PC at home today are much more powerful then the mainframe in early 90's the IBM3033. The greeds are not at the bottoms as I mentioned in my speech in the 80-90's. The greeds are actually @ the very top of our corporate & capitalism entities.

Think about it, people are the assets of the nations' & on this world. If the my & large commoners are unable to survive, How could those, on the very top would be able to derive the multi-millions & Billions in their incomes??

The law of nature as Gotama said, you come to this world alone & when end of the present life. You have all our materialism acquired in this live time would be left behind, & you shall leaving with you your own karmic energy. Late Kenneth Lays of Enron is just a life example.

As my Guru Lao Zi said, Heavy Tax of the fellows citizen would lead to the collapse of the Nations.

In my opinion, our captialism system need to have a new Culture Revolution. It is not a sologan, it is the need to do it now, with heart & soul to bring our people out of the crisis & be a leader again to lead the world out of these mess.


I have reason to believes that our economy would not be totally recovered as fast as in3-5 years.

This is based on my research on the case of the last economy crisis of Japan. In 1983, I said at the "Oversea Graduate Association Conference in Tokyo Japan", while Nikeii index is growing like rocket, I reasons it to their multi-national corporate elites that the time would come the Japan economy would crash!! That you see in the 90's Japan almost took 12 years to recover. With then our world economy leadership are still take firm roots.

But however, now we are real sick ourself. The medicines given in my opinion are not really solving the the roots of the illness.

President Obama would need the new team of think tanks & economy field generals who understand the cause of the conflicts between Landbase eConomy & the e-Economy. & work on the solutions

Otherwise, it would just like the 2001-2003 the .com become .bom that down turn, a even greater economy crisis in the making.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


En Syn is a great artist & member on

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

African Scam 419 - Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome & Principe

This is the email scam I received today'

Report them to your local authority, if you receiving the same.



I am Richard Phillips Adie. I work with the Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome & Principe. I am presently the Director of Europe Operations working at the London office. I am trying to use my position to influence a quick registration of a company to become an agent to the Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome & Principe. The duty is to source for end buyers of crude and bring them to the Petroleum Agency and after the end buyers make purchase you will receive $2.00 commission from the Petroleum Agency and receive another $1.00 from the end buyers as "Mandate". So if at the end of every month we are able to sale up to 2 million barrels, we are sure of 6million dollars every month. I am proposing to you and if you feel it will be beneficial to you and your company then we can go ahead. Its a straight forward business and I can assure you of the legitimacy.

Please indicate your interest by a return e-mail:

Richard Phillips Adie

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Knowledge Base Economy & e-Networking

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The following is my comments & advice to my fan's on flickr on the above issues.

flickr-Yahoo have over 100millions members now.

10,000views & even 1millions views is nothing.

So far only on flickr then one can have that experience of high view rates.

On the records there is one ex-account, he have 10millions views in about Over 10months. All his post are on Sexy; Voluptuous young girls. However, now he is no longer on flickr.

In my opinion; views rates is not importance.

The most importance is that the relationship that built for the loyal fan's & friend's keep coming back. In the long run through the network, hope that fruitful result could be generated & perhaps they gives you some good referrals for some serious business.

That is the key on the social networking in the old time & also e-sphere.

We are all in the knowledge base economy now; the way to survive is to produce the usable or applicable info products & services in exchange for living.

With the information over flow & overloaded world. Each knowledge that you owned; only have marginal difference & focus in the digital era. So you can imagine how competitive in the dog eat dog market on the web-sphere.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

flickr Architecture

These article were found from my flickr contact site. My Fear initially.

As a big fan's & support of flickr, I always have the perception on flickr is not just a photo management site.

To me it is a super search engine & database engine.

Now with this link &


You shall be able to have more info on the whole architecture of flickr.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Past-Present-Future of Web

Past-Present-Future of Web

This is the image I download from How the WebOS evolves?? by Nova Spivack. (N.B. Nova have requested that the link is provided here, as he would update these as & when. So please check back & follow this link here.)

Thanks is due to Nova Spivack for putting this image up. I am sure all of you on the web may not be concern about the technicality of the evolutions.

But we are all into the era & it is closely related to our daily lives.

In my own words since 1980's in Nagoya Technology for The future conference.

The over many thousands years of human civilizations have never actually change. The things that happening are with the electronics; communications & Computing Technology.

We are going to redefine our real real estate based on the bits & bytes that we owned. Not the per square foots of real estate that we talking about in the era before present.

As the Web era marching into Web2.0 & web3.0 even as Nova put it here web4.0...etc.

Nothing going to change is the basic model of human communications; networking & Knowledge. Except it would be Very Highly distributed & Highly Intelligence.

With the overflow of informations on the web & search engines, human would need the artificial intelligent to assist in whatever we do, including decision & course of action.

I am sure you would be proud that you are here in the flickr community , actively contributing to the success with the like minds & the flickr-Yahoo team.

The future is certain.

One To All!!

All To One!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wuauclt.exe Error!!

Windows errors related to wuauclt.exe ?
wuauclt.exe is a process managing automatic updates for Microsoft Windows. This process continuously checks for the latest updates and uses the Internet to do so. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Note: The wuauclt.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, wuauclt.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with......

Certainly, I am very upset like you do with Microsoft business conducts on these low standard of practice.

I am not impress.

According to Gotama, whatever the good deed once do by offering money & kinds would not be excuse from facing own karma due even after death.